Do you seek to bypass monopolies in favor of direct producer-to-consumer trade?

To move from central governments to autonomous decision-making?

To transition from long-distance supply chains to local food systems?

To replace systems of dependency with ones of empowerment?

To lift big power constraints on local communities?


It sounds like a utopia, but the technology already exists to make these aims an everyday reality.


Democracy Studio is a new end-user platform for decentralized alternatives!


With it, users can trade, vote and act for mutual benefit.

The Studio provides a cryptocurrency basic income to all members.

These credits can be used to vote for issues or to trade goods and services with others on the platform.
Users can earn more credits by adding common value or,
by purchasing them in ways agreed to at the outset.


Democracy Studio empowers decentralized societies to take direct decisions
in a consensual and autonomous way.


The time is right for Democracy Studio : Humanity is facing unprecedented challenges.
Global warming, economic recession, public health crisis.

The uprising generation of citizens is calling for business ethics,
sustainable development and global peace.


Democracy Studio enables a new social contract between the economy,
the politic and the people.


Try it today to shape your future!